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What is TEDEH LTD?

TEDEH LTD is a Malta-incorporated web agency with a mission to help small- and medium sized business with common IT related tasks and problems, particularly related to web development.

Hello there! My name is Tedde Lundgren I'm the sole owner and employee of TEDEH LTD. I have been working professionally with IT for the last ten years and live and breathe the internet. You can read more about my background here.

Have you ever thought about …

Then TEDEH LTD may be the agency you seek. I have been working for almost ten years helping my customers solve problems like these. Software that I have written has ended up saving my clients countless of man hours and has had a a direct impact on the bottom line of several companies.

At least five successful business are to this day using software that I have designed and created as a core part of their daily operation and my open source projects have collectively been downloaded more than one million times only in the last twelve months.

What are my clients saying about me?

  • Tedde Lundgren is a creative and hard working person that is easy to cooperate with. With his wide knowledge about development of web and IT systems, he never cowers before a challenge. With a unique analytical and problem solving ability he can tackle even the heaviest of tasks.

    The quality of the work is always outstanding.

    Joacim EngaråsOwner of Jework AB

  • A great co-worker with a great competence. A big part of the success of our company. Has a unique ability to acquaint himself with all parts of a business and create tailor made solutions that fit the whole company and work flawlessly.

    Wise, competent, loyal and perceptive. Well-liked by his colleagues, and even more so by his employers.

    Amjad MahmoudCEO of Sales Involvement AB

Some successful projects over the years

  • CRM and logistics system for the largest reseller of Apple products in Sweden.
  • Live chat developed by me as part of a one-time chat with fund-managers for a Swedish investment bank. Nationally advertised (Sweden) in print and on television.
  • Advanced platform to string together various systems via different APIs as part of my engagement with LINKNOW AB
  • More projects will be added to this list shortly

Committed to your long term success

TEDEH LTD has been working with several clients for more than seven years straight. I believe in the value of long-term relationships where I really get the chance to understand a company and their market so that I can help in creating maximum value wherever the opportunity can be found.

I would be thrilled to help you solve problems in ways you did not think were possible and always with the eye towards what is best for you, your employees and your own customers!

The web is just a tool, but having the right person to guide you can make it one of the most powerful tools available for any business. Let me help you unlock it!

The specifics

Services and solutions are typically provided in the following non-exhaustive list of categories:

  • Frontend web development (React/Angular/Backbone)
  • Backend web development (Node.js/Golang)
  • Server administration (Linux, Git, Ansible, Docker, etc)
  • Databases (MongoDB/PostgresSQL)

Also, together with the right client I will consider taking on jobs in domains such as WordPress, PHP, Ruby/Rails and Python.

I grew up using the web, and even if your specific technology is not listed above, projects with learning opportunities are highly sought by me in order to broaden my base of skills, and may even entail a discount on my regular rate.

So what are you waiting for?

I'm currently accepting new projects and looking for new business relationships.

Drop me an email at or use the contact form if you want to discuss any of the following (or anything at all really):

  • Business proposals
  • An idea that you think could be best realised online
  • A problem or itch with a website or other IT system that you are experiencing
  • How you are using IT in your organisation today
  • Opportunities for business networking

Don't miss out on this opportunity, let me hear from you today!